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The purpose of NRSP Microfinance Bank is to reduce the effects of poverty by giving timely access to commercially viable financial products and services to the rural low income sectors of Pakistan. NRSP Microfinance Bank headquarters is in South Punjab city of Bahawalpur ... Read More

Mission & Vision

Our Mission: We believe in harnessing the potential of the people through inclusive finance, for poverty reduction and a brighter future.

Our Vision: To become the leading Microfinance Bank in Pakistan ...
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Success Stories
Fauzia Tabasum Bibi
My name is Fauzia Tabasum and I am a widow. I had one daughter when my husband died 8 year ... Read more

Muniran Bibi
My name is Muniran Bibi and I belong to Musa Colony, Bahawalpur. I have 8 children 6 of th ... Read more

Sharifaan Bibi
My name is Sharifaan Bibi. I am married and having two sons and two daughters. My husband ... Read more

Anwar Bibi
I am Anwar Bibi. I have 9 children 6 of them are married. My husband is laborer and I do w ... Read more

Aziz Bibi
My name is Aziz Bibi. I am a resident of Badar Sher, Bahawalpur. I am married and I have 5 ... Read more

Shmeem Bibi
My name is Shmeem Bibi. I am a resident of…..I have 6 daughters and one son. My husband di ... Read more

Wahidan Bibi
My name is Wahidan Bibi, I am a widow. My husband died 8 years back and I Shifted from my ... Read more

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