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NRSP Ziada Munafa Term Deposit

This account caters  to customers who want to  keep funds locked  away for a fixed term; ranging from 1 month to 3 years. NRSP MFBL is a Bank for the Poor, but targets the medium size segment as well for deposit generation. Thus this is a standardized profitable scheme & offers one Rate Sheet for all deposits (with rates varying for different tenors).Additionally, lending against Term Deposits will also be allowed against a certain minimum deposit volume.


Account Type Time bound, Profit Bearing Fixed Term Deposit
Eligibility All Pakistani Nationals with Valid CNIC. Positive KYC/AML checks and account holders of NRSP MFBL
Minimum Requirement Rs. 1000/- and thereafter multiples of Rs. 1000/-
Maximum Limit No Limit
Rollover of Term Deposit Rollovers allowed at maturity, as per client’s request
Premature withdrawals Profit will be paid according to bank policy if customer fail to complete TDR total tenure.
TDR Normal Rates Click Here for Profit Rates