Dear Customers, NRSP Bank Never obtains ATM card numbers, PIN or any other details on emails, websites or phone calls. Please avoid sharing details via these modes.

NRSP PayPak Debit Card


NRSP PayPak Debit Card is a Domestic Payment Scheme which will only be used within Pakistan and will offer the benefit and convenience of ATM transactions and retail/purchase transactions anywhere within Pakistan securely without the need of carrying cash around. NRSP PayPak Debit Card is a secured PIN based card to ensure security while performing ATM and purchase transactions.


Card Type



PKR 25,000/-

Purchase (POS)

PKR 50,000/-

Funds Transfer​

PKR 50,000/-


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Terms and Conditions

  1. The offer can be availed by NRSP PayPak card holders.
  2. The offer cannot be exchanged for cash and it is not valid in conjunction with any other special promotions, offers, events or activities as defined by the NRSP Bank & Alliance partner.
  3. NRSP Bank reserve the right to change the term and condition at any time without assigning any reason.
  4. NRSP Bank will not be responsible for the services or if Product quality provided is not up to the satisfaction of NRSP Bank customers.