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General Loan Against Salary/ Pension

Individuals who need funds against their salary or pension to meet various emergency needs.

Purpose of Loans:

  • Small Enterprise activities
  • Income Generation Activites
Loan eligibility
  • For Salaried Age 20-60 Years
  • For Pensionor upto 70 Years
Loan Amount Loan amount up to PKR 350,000
Loan duration Up to 36 Months
Repayment option Equal Monthly Installments
Collateral Pensions Books and Repayment Cheuqes in case of salary
Disbursement Loan is credited into the account of the customer to make ultimate utilization much secure.
Markup rate As per applicable Schedule of Charges.
  • Free Credit Life Insurance
Others Requirements Pensions and Salary directly routed to NRSP MFBL Accounts